Mykie, the digital kitchen assistant, standing on a kitchen island with Home Connect appliances

Mykie is your personal kitchen assistant

Would you like someone who will not only help you with your household chores, but also entertain and inspire you? See below to find out more about Mykie (short for "My kitchen elf"): Our personal kitchen assistant concept is your smart companion, on hand to help you whenever you need it.

Mykie lets you organize your household more effectively and helps you in the kitchen

Video: Mykie (concept) in action

Say you are on your way home, You've had a long day. You are tired and hungry, which leads to you daydreaming. While you are daydreaming, you suddenly remember that there was something you wanted to do this evening, something important that you wanted to have finished, ready for the weekend. It is incredibly difficult to remember everything when your head is still full of creative ideas from your day at work. How fantastic would it be to have your own, personal kitchen assistant Mykie (concept) at home on standby to help you? One that is intuitive, fun and easy to use, and can provide you with inspiration when you fancy trying something new.

Watch the video to discover how you can use Mykie to organize and get through your day-to-day household tasks more efficiently.

The Mykie personal kitchen assistant (concept) projects a step-by-step recipe video on your kitchen wall.

Mykie opens up a whole new world of ideas to inspire you

Mykie (concept) listens to you, answers your questions and can project information and recipes onto surfaces. It keeps an overview of your household at all times, as well as keeping you entertained. Mykie is incredibly easy to use – it can be operated by voice command or you can interact with it via the touchscreen.

Use the innovative "Smart Recipe Guidance" and get cooking tips or try out new recipes. Cooking made easy: Short video sequences show you how to prepare meals, breaking the recipes down into simple steps and allowing you to follow them at your own pace. For a varied diet, Mykie will, on request, suggest different recipes based on a particular ingredient or using the contents of your fridge.

Or use Mykie to order any missing ingredients online and have them delivered straight to your door.

Some of the most important people in your life live too far away to see face-to-face on a regular basis. Some of the most important people in your life live too far away to see face-to-face on a regular basis. With Mykie and "Virtual Social Cooking" you can seen them, hear them, and even cook with them. Through Mykie, you can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world and try out new recipes together. This smart device also allows you to take part in online cooking classes from the comfort of your own home, where you will learn the tricks of the trade and gain an insight into how the professionals make their food look and taste so good.

Mykie also provides access to an extensive and continually growing network of partners. No matter what you want to do, from looking up the weather forecast or stock exchange prices to listening to your favourite music, Mykie places a whole host of functions at your fingertips that will assist you, entertain you and provide you with the information you need when you're at home.

It goes without saying that you can use Mykie's voice control capability to operate all your Home Connect appliances.

Mykie and Home Connect

Mykie the personal kitchen assistant (concept) with an intelligent Home Connect fridge

Mykie and Home Connect fridge

Let Mykie (concept) show you a picture of the contents of your fridge so that you can easily tell what is inside. Mykie can also use its "Smart recipe guidance" function to inspire you and suggest recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. Missing certain ingredients? Mykie can order everything online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep for maximum convenience.

Mykie the personal kitchen assistant (concept) with a smart Home Connect extractor hood

Mykie and Home Connect cooker hood

Is your workspace in the kitchen too dark? You can ask Mykie (concept) to adjust the light on the extractor hood to a brighter setting. Or you can change the color of the light by voice command, lightening your mood at the same time.

Mykie the personal kitchen assistant (concept) with a W-Fi-capable Home Connect oven

Mykie with Home Connect oven and hob

Need recipe ideas for cooking a meal in the oven or on the cooktop? Just ask Mykie (concept). Want to preheat the oven but your hands are still messy from kneading dough? Just tell Mykie and it will be taken care of.

Mykie the personal kitchen assistant (concept) with a Home Connect washing machine

Mykie and Home Connect washing machine and dryer

Mykie (concept) helps you to organize your household chores. Want to do the laundry while your food is cooking in the oven? Mykie will tell you when your washing machine has finished its program and the clothes are ready to put in the dryer. Spilt some food on your jeans when you were cooking and not sure which washing and drying programs to use on your machine? Mykie's "Easy start" function can help you with this. "Easy start" is also available for Home Connect dishwashers.

Mykie the personal kitchen assistant (concept) with a networked Home Connect dishwasher

Mykie and a Home Connect dishwasher

Your food is cooked. Wouldn't it be nice to have preheated plates? Mykie (concept) tells you that your dishwasher has just finished washing the dishes. The warm, perfectly dry plates can be taken out of the dishwasher immediately and placed on the table.

Mykie tells you other useful information regarding your dishwasher: The tab counter lets you know when you only have five dishwasher tabs left and offers to order more online using the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service. The tabs will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Mykie the personal kitchen assistant (concept) with a Home Connect coffee machine

Mykie and a Home Connect coffee machine

What could be better than enjoying a good coffee after a delicious meal? Simply ask Mykie (concept) to make an espresso in the Home Connect coffee machine just the way you like it. If you have saved your profile, the coffee machine will know your preferences. Having visitors over? Offer them one of the wide variety of coffee specialities from the world of coffee. Mykie will then add these to your personal "coffee playlist".

Frequently asked questions about Mykie

When will Mykie be available in retail outlets and how much will it cost?

As Mykie is currently still in the concept phase, we are not able to provide any information on pricing and availability at present.

Where can I find home appliances that I will be able to use with Mykie in future?

At present, Home Connect home appliances are sold by the brands Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau. Mykie is currently still a concept. Click here to go to an Overview of available Home Connect appliances.

What measures are taken to ensure that Mykie is not hacked and that nobody breaks into my house using the information or is able to take control of the camera?

Both data security for users and data protection have top priority for all Home Connect products. These aspects will therefore always be incorporated and taken very seriously during the development process for Mykie (concept).

Does Mykie listen to everything I say?

Mykie (concept) only listens to you after you have woken it up by saying its wake-up signal "Hello Mykie" or "Mykie". The recognition process for the wake-up signal takes place offline, which means that no audio data is stored locally or streamed. Not until the wake-up signal has been recognised will the words you say be transmitted to our secure Mykie cloud.

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