"If you want to impress others, you have to surprise them"

"If you want to impress others, you have to surprise them"

When it comes to our home, we are generally already familiar with future trends. This covers everything from interior design to home appliances. That’s why our friends enjoy coming round all the time. Whether they have come to watch a film or enjoy a meal together, our guests can always be sure that we will have some fantastic surprises lined up for them.

Couple cooking together; also the stove with Home Connect has a pot of boiling water

Once a month, my husband and I invite our best friends to dinner. We always think up a great theme and then prepare a delicious menu to go with it. We always do pulled pork on our American evening. It's my speciality – I cook it for nine hours at a very low temperature.

Home Connect oven

Before I leave home in the morning, I place the meat for the pulled pork in my Home Connect oven. Once I'm at work, I can switch on the oven using the Home Connect app so that the meat is ready to eat right on time. Now and again, I check the core temperature via the Home Connect app, which is sent from the meat probe to my smartphone.

"Alexa, ask Home Connect oven for its status"

A woman reading a book in the living room

"Alexa, ask My Oven for its status"

If our friends are coming round, once I've already prepared everything for the meal, I usually still have a bit of time before the food in the oven is ready. It's the perfect time for me to read the next chapter of my new book. Just when it’s getting really exciting and I can’t put the book down, I simply stay where I am and ask Alexa to check how the food in the oven is doing. Alexa is linked to our oven via Home Connect and can give me an answer right away.

Woman operating Home Connect app on smartphone; woman holding blouse with red wine stain in her hand

"Impressed on the spot: Our washer dryer can be controlled via the app"

Little accidents occasionally occur when we have friends round for a evening. Once my husband Erik spilled a glass of red wine and unfortunately some of it stained our friend’s blouse. We popped it into our Home Connect washing machine right away and I lent our friend Helen one of my blouses in the meantime. She was really impressed when we checked via the app how long the program still had to run from the living room.

"Tastes vary – and so do our coffee specialities"

Preparing coffee together with friends using the Home Connect app

"Tastes vary – and so do our coffee specialities"

What impresses our friends the most?. Now we have our Home Connect coffee machine, we can prepare our coffee just the way we like it. We decide how we want our favourite coffee via the Home Connect App from the living room. All the coffee orders are sent directly to the coffee machine. To save confusion, the coffee machine displays which coffee it is currently being made. It’s Helen’s turn first.

Smartphone with Home Connect app

Lively conversation, plans for upcoming holidays – the laundry or Helen’s blouse can easily be forgotten when you are having a good time. Luckily, Erik receives a push message on his smartphone via the Home Connect app when the laundry is done. The red wine stain has gone – also thanks to the special stain program on our Home Connect washing machine.

Happy couple on the couch in the living room

"Home Connect is more to us than a help around the house. It is an expression of our innovative lifestyle."

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A young woman in a car thinking about how easy it is to operate her connected Home Connect appliances when she's out.

"I use the digital world to stay in closer contact with my friends in the real world"

"We only want the best for our family!"

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