"You are never too old to learn something new. You just need the right mentor"

Man cooks and his wife gives him a kiss on the cheek.

After working all your life, being retired is a funny feeling at first. Suddenly you have lots of time for all those things you used to put off. I started off by investing this new-found time in our home. That's how I came across Home Connect. Home Connect and its partner network is not only very practical, it also helps me with my new hobby – cooking.

Home Connect app on a smartphone with recipe idea

Unlike me, my wife Linda is still working as a teacher. That's why I try to help out with the chores where I can". So if she comes home from school at lunchtime, I try to have a delicious meal waiting for her. I get my ideas from the Home Connect app. It has seasonal dishes, recipe ideas for every occasion and much more. The method is explained step by step and I use the app to send the correct settings directly to my Home Connect oven or hob.

 Man cutting vegetables in the kitchen

"I have a virtual chef instructing me"

Since I have more time on my hands, I have started doing a cookery course. The best thing is I don't even need to leave my home to do it. My virtual cookery instructor is called Simply Yummy and allows me to gradually improve my culinary skills. Simply Yummy is also linked to Home Connect, so I can make a success of even the most complicated dishes.

Solar panels on a house roof

Another big project I’ve completed since retiring is the solar panels on our roof. At last, we are generating our own electricity and have become a bit more independent. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t shine every day and the energy generated constantly varies. We use SMA Smart Home to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Its Sunny Home Manager is linked to our Home Connect dishwasher and switches it on when enough solar power has been generated. Thanks to this smart solution, we make the most of every ray of sun and save money in the process.

Man shows his grandson his dishwasher with Home Connect.

"All you need is a good idea: Festive lighting with Home Connect"

As for many of us, Christmas is the highlight of the year: The whole family comes to us and I finally get the chance to show my grandchildren that grandpa is anything other than behind the times. For my latest "trick", I use the cooker hood light to bathe the room in a festive light. I can select the colour and intensity of the light and thus create just the right atmosphere via the Home Connect app. To top it all off, when I open the dishwasher, exactly the same light illuminates the interior. My grandchildren love it and I’d never dreamed that I’d still be able to surprise the family with new technology at my age.

"Safety, saving money and learning new things: Getting Home Connect is the best idea I’ve had for a long time"

Grandparents with grandchild at the dining table.

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