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SMA – intelligent energy management with the Sunny Home Manager

Manage consumption of home-generated energy and gain independence from rising electricity costs. Selected Bosch and Siemens dishwashers, washing machines and dryers with Home Connect are now equipped with the Flex Start function. Together with the SMA energy manager and a photovoltaic plant or time-of-day electricity rates you can now benefit from intelligent energy management.

How SMA works with Home Connect

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Save smartly with SMA and Home Connect

Enter the latest time you want your washing machine to be finished and then activate the energy manager. The home appliance then hands over control of the end time to SMA, your household energy manager. It calculates the best start time to use the lowest-cost energy source (e.g. solar power or time-of-day electricity rates). If no excess energy is available the program is run with conventional energy to stay within your latest end time.

Solar panels on a roof paired with SMA and Home Connect

How to use SMA with Home Connect

You need the following appliances/requirements to use SMA with Home Connect:

  • Dishwasher, washing machine or dryer with Home Connect and Flex Start function

  • Photovoltaic plant of time-of-day electricity rate
  • Energy manager, inverter and energy meter of a third-party provider: Thanks to the integration of the EEBus standard, selected appliances with Home Connect are compatible with any energy manager (in this case: SMA), which implements the EEBus communication protocol.

  • WLAN router with Internet access: Communication between the Sunny Home Manager and home appliance runs over the same WLAN to which the home appliances are connected.

Please visit the SMA website or Home Connect website in the Connected Partners area to find out in which countries you can already use SMA with Home Connect.

Brightly lit house fitted with a SMA energy management system paired with Home Connect.

Step-by-step guide: pairing SMA with Home Connect

Step 1: First link your home appliance to the Home Connect app.

Step 2: Pair the energy manager with your home appliance. You can only pair a home appliance and energy manager if the home appliance is linked with Home Connect account.

Step 3: Home appliance and energy manager are paired by preparing the home appliance for pairing and disconnecting the energy manager from the power and then plugging it back in again. This forces the energy manager to reboot.

Step 4: After reboot the home appliance is also displayed in the Sunny portal. From now on you can save energy smartly with SMA and Home Connect.

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