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Remote Diagnostics

Help is just a call away – get help immediately over the phone or arrange an appointment with our Home Connect customer service for our Remote Diagnostics service. Our experts will support you with a quick analysis of the situation and suitable service for your appliance with Home Connect.

Remote Diagnostics will be available in many countries from October 2017 on.

How does Remote Diagnostics work?

A woman checks Remote Diagnostics in the Home Connect app

Step 1: Check availability and call our Home Connect customer service

In the unlikely event that your Home Connect appliance develops a fault, first check whether it is equipped with Remote Diagnostics. To do so, go to "Remote Diagnostics" in the Home Connect app. Select "Service" > "Diagnosis and Help" > "Diagnosis" and select the home appliance for which you require assistance. N.B. Your home appliance will only be displayed if it is equipped with Remote Diagnostics. If you do find a solution this way, our customer hotline will be happy to assist you. Have the appliance number of your appliance with Home Connect at the ready. Our service team can then check whether your appliance is equipped with Remote Diagnostics.

It might be that Remote Ddiagnostics for your Home Connect appliances is currently not yet available in your country. We are continuously working on expanding the reach of Remote Diagnostics and on providing the same level of Remote Diagnostics service worldwide.

A woman writes a date for a Home Connect remote diagnosis into her diary

Step 2: Direct assistance or remote diagnosis appointment

In many cases our service engineers can use the Remote Diagnostics service to access your home appliance, provide direct support and remedy the problem. Arrange an appointment for remote diagnosis with our customer service in the case of very particular issues.

Consent for remote access to the WiFi-enabled Home Connect appliance via the Home Connect app

Step 3: Give your consent for remote access to your home appliance

Your consent lets a trained Home Connect service engineer access your home appliance. Consent can be given via the appliance, on selected appliances also via the Home Connect app. The service engineer then checks all appliance functions and can even read out the memory to follow up any error messages.

A Home Connect service engineer solves the problem by remote diagnosis

Step 4: Remote Diagnostics solves technical issues

Many issues can be sorted by Remote Diagnostics so you are caused no further inconvenience. In the unlikely event that the issue is not resolved, the Home Connect service engineer can then use the analysis data so he is best prepared for maintenance or repair at your home.

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