Woman in office with colleagues in the background

"Only smart delegating lets you do your own thing."

Cooking, washing, cleaning. After work I often don’t have much time left to relax. Home Connect appliances help me to make my life easier and leave me with more time to do the things I love. And they are not only small assistants for my daily life, they are also fun when my friends come by for a visit.

„Cooking for friends: simple and fancy."

I love to cook for my friends and like to experiment with new dishes. The Home Connect App inspires me by varied recipies from all over the world. And to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the preparation, I send the cooking times and temperature of the relevant recipe directly to my oven via Home Connect app. This is how every dish is a guaranteed success. I love it, and so my friends do.

A woman checks the fridge stock with the Home Connect App

“No magic: Looking into the fridge without opening the door.”

From aperitifs to dinner: I always do my very best when I have my friends round. I often get little snacks, flowers and prepare a delicious aperitif. Sometimes I stand in front of the drinks shelf in the supermarket and can’t remember how much Prosecco is left in the fridge. A quick glance at my Home Connect app tells me. It is linked with the cameras in my fridge and allowes me to check the contents even when I’m not at home.

Scale with rolling pin and eggs, in the foreground a smartphone with the Drop app

“The right recipe for my stock of ingredients.”

A good dinner should end with a good dessert. And the Drop app helps me to prepare it: I enter what I still have at home and Drop searches for dessert recipes that exactly match to my ingredients. As I still have a lot of carrots left, the app suggests me to bake a carrot cake. And the best feature: Drop sends the baking times and temperatures directly to my Home Connect oven.

Different kinds of coffee on a table

"Home Connect turns me into a star barista."

After dinner my friends and I are always looking forward to the highlight of the evening. Together we discover new coffee specialities. We are inspired by Home Connects’ Coffee World. Bettina likes Australian flat white coffee best, Lena doesn’t like her coffee too hot, Caro prefers decaf and Laura enjoys trying out a different kind of coffee every time. With Home Connect I can enter all these wishes into the Home Connect app and send them directly to my coffee machine.

Robot vacuum cleaner on the kitchen floor

“Fantastic: a helping hand that knows my home.”

If you have, like me, a lot of visitors coming to your home you probably know this situation very well: There is always this one friend that spills something or the other in the course of a lively discussion. Last time it was the sugar that fell on the floor. Normally I would jump on my feet right away to start cleaning. Now I simply call my robot vacuum cleaner via the Home Connect app. Thanks to its integrated “Room Mapping” function it knows every corner of the apartment and finds its way without any problem. Moreover the robot vacuum cleaner has a task planning function that let’s me schedule when and where it is supposed to clean. After the setup it will vacuum automatically, I don't have to lift a finger anymore.

Woman lying in bed with her smartphone in her hand

“Wind down and simply switch off.”

When I find my rest in the evening, I enjoy to read a book in bed at the end of a busy day. My eyes soon drop, I put the book aside and switch off the light, until the control freak in me niggles: Did I switch off the oven? Luckily I don’t have to get up again any more – I simply open my Home Connect app and check if everything is switched off.

Friends sitting together drinking wine

“Home Connect lets me try out new things and gives my friends pleasant surprises.”

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“You are never too old to learn something new.”

“If you want to impress others, you have to surprise them.”

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