Happy couple viewing on a tablet with the Home Connect app

"If you want to impress people, you need to take them by surprise."

When it comes to our home, we are already familiar with future trends in general. This covers everything from interior design to home appliances. That’s why friends enjoy coming round all the time. Whether we watch a movie or enjoy a meal together: our guests can always be sure that we will have some surprises lined up for them.

A burger patty is in the making

Once a month my husband and I invite our best friends to dinner. We come up with a stunning theme and a mouth-watering menu to accompany it. On our American evenings we always have pulled pork. My speciality: I slow cook the meat for nine hours at a very low temperature.

Home Connect oven

Before I leave home in the morning, I place the meat for the pulled pork in my Home Connect oven. Once I am at work I switch on the oven via the Home Connect app so that the meat is ready in time for dinner. Now and then I check the core temperature via the Home Connect app which is sent by the roast thermometer to my smartphone.

Woman reading a book in the living room

“Alexa, ask Home Connect oven for status.”

If friends are coming to dinner, and I’ve already prepared everything, I usually have some time left until the meal in the oven is ready. It is the perfect moment for me to settle down and read the next chapter of my book. Just when the story is getting really intense and I’m unable to put the book aside, I simply stay where I am and ask Alexa to check how the meal is doing in the oven. Alexa is linked to our oven via Home Connect and can give me an answer right away.

Fresh red wine spot on a white blouse

“Impressed on the spot: our tumble dryer is app-managed.”

Little accidents occasionally occur when we have friends round for a dinner night. Once my husband Erik spilled a glass of red wine – and unfortunately our friend’s blouse was not spared. We put it into our Home Connect washing machine right away and I lent our friend Helene one of my blouses in the meantime. She was really impressed as we could see from the living room by app how long the laundry is going to need.

Preparing coffee with friends using the Home Connect app

“Tastes vary – and so do our coffee specialities.”

What impresses our friends the most? Since we have our Home Connect coffee machine we can prepare our coffee just the way we like it best. We decide how we want our favourite coffee via the Home Connect app from the living room. All the coffee orders are sent directly to the coffee machine. And to avoid confusion, the coffee machine displays whose coffee is currently being prepared: First it’s Helen’s turn.

Open dishwasher with Home Connect function

“Even the dishwasher thinks for itself.”

Our dishwasher also has Home Connect. Although the dishes don’t load and unload themselves – via the Amazon Dash connection the dishwasher orders new washing machine tabs itself as soon as they start to run low.

Smartphone with Home Connect App

Lively conversation about plans for upcoming holidays – the laundry or Helen’s blouse can easily be forgotten when your are engrossed. Luckily Erik gets a push message on his smartphone via the Home Connect app when the washing machine is done. The red wine stain is gone – also thanks to the special stain program on the Home Connect washing machine.

Happy couple in living room with open fire

“Home Connect is more to us than a help around the house. It is an expression of your modern lifestyle.”

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“I live in a digital home to be better connected with friends in real life.”

“We want only the best for our family!”

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