Family is sitting in the living room using the Home Connect App on the tablet

“Children can get out of hand, so any help is welcome.”

Anyone with children knows this: When they’re playing, they're in a world of their own, while at other times they're so full of beans it’s difficult to keep them out of mischief. Though Home Connect doesn’t do our parenting for us, it does help us to keep the family safe and sound and simplifies chores around the home.

Child baking with Mum and heating the Home Connect oven via Alexa voice control.

“Alexa, start Home Connect oven.”

Children love to bake with you when they come home from school. And we all know that it’s more fun when it’s like a game. That’s why Alexa is the perfect complement to Home Connect for us. Kids can preheat the Home Connect oven by voice control while they are busy kneading dough with their hands.

Child standing in hallway with dirty clothes. Mum stops the wash program via the Home Connect app.

“Flexibility is a must when you have children.”

As small as our son might be, he can't be beaten in one thing: making a mess out of his cloth. Juice or food, something is always bound to drop on his clothes. Our Home Connect washing machine is well-prepared for exactly this kind of situation. Even when it’s already running, I can stop the washing machine with Home Connect from anywhere, add my son’s dirty cloth and resume the wash program where it left off.

Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner picks up biscuit crumbs

My kids love biscuits – and even more when they are self-made. Unfortunately they think that their stuffed animals in their playroom shouldn’t miss out on the treat. So the playroom floor is often covered with crumbs. That isn't a problem for Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks to "room mapping" it knows every room in our home. I use the Home Connect app linked to Alexa to delegate the vacuum cleaner to only clean the children’s room, which it does every time without fail.

A couple seated on a couch are using the Home Connect App.

“Home Connect looks after things – even when we’re busy doing something else.”

When my husband comes home from work, we take 15 minutes aside just for the two of us. We recap and discuss the day and make plans for trips and other upcoming events. In the meantime our children have nothing than nonsense in their mind. My 3-year old daughter Marie for instance loves playing with the controls on the oven. Luckily we have Home Connect: We can child proof our smart home from the couch and monitor the status of our home appliances.

Go on holiday with an easy mind thanks to Home Connect

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. If only the preparations weren’t there. With two children to look after, you need to do many things at the same time and you always forget something in the heat of the moment.

That is why it is not unusual that we just left the house and suddenly worry: did we switch off the hob and oven? Did we switch the light out? Are all the windows closed? And then I really appreciate my Home Connect. I can check via the app whether I switched off the hob and oven. I can remote control the robot vacuum cleaner and check the whole house with help of the built-in camera. And then – if everything is okay – I can get into holiday mood and enjoy myself.

Two children playing on the couch doing headstands.

“Absolutely the best choice: Home Connect is the perfect family help for us.”

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“You can only fulfill your ambitions if you delegate smartly.”

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