Man in office uses the Home Connect App

“My aspiration: Innovation and convenience.”

Anyone like me working a lot and long hours wants to make the most of the free time. Home Connect helps me to organise my household so smartly and time saving that I can focus on doing sports, cooking with my girlfriend and other enjoyable things in life.

Man on business trip at the airport. Also on the road no waste of energy thanks to Home Connect.

“A household that thinks for itself – now that is convenient!”

My job often involves a lot of travelling. While I’m away, Home Connect, as well as the partners I’ve integrated into the set up, make sure that no energy is wasted at home. Because appliances like my fridge can be automatically set to energy saver mode.

A look into the smart fridge at home when shopping with the Home Connect app

“A glance at the app and I know what’s missing.”

If I’m on my way to the store and I’m not sure what I have in stock in my refrigerator, one glance at the Home Connect app can help me out. The app is connected to my fridge and the built-in cameras allow me to see what groceries need to be on my shopping list.

Key visual of Home Connect partner Hello Fresh

“That’s my thing: great ideas that work.”

When my girlfriend comes to visit, I can impress her with my cooking skills thanks to HelloFresh and Home Connect. HelloFresh delivers the recipes and the groceries, the perfect results ensures my oven with Home Connect. It knows the recipes and automatically aligns itself so everything always turns out great.

Man controlling his home appliances with Home Connect and partner service IFTTT

Innovation and efficiency are not only important in my job. IFTTT lets me connect my appliances at home in a smart way: for example my Philips Hue light flashes in the kitchen when the food is ready. It’s a good reminder in case something slipes my mind because I’m quickly doing something else at the same time.

Man gives woman a spoon to taste food
Sun reflects in window with closed blinds

“Home Connect is part of my Smart Home”

What's so convenient about Home Connect? Very simple: it can be integrated seamlessly into my Smart Home system. This is how I can manage my home appliances using the Home Connect app and benefit from a several partner services such as Bosch Smart Home, Busch Jaeger and many other well-well known vendors. This linkage not only allows me to open and close my blinds via the Smart Home system, to switch lights on and off and regulate the heating, it also allows me to switch off my Home Connect oven. And I can do everything without switching back and forth between different apps. I think that is not only really smart, literally spoken, it is also pretty convenient and easy.

WLAN-enabled coffee machine with Home Connect

What my girlfriend likes most about Home Connect? The coffee playlist. After dinner I chose our favourite hot beverage right from the dining table. Our coffee machine automatically prepares a latte macchiato with just a little bit of espresso, as usual, for my girlfriend and my double Americano – all I have to do is put the right cups in place.

Couple relaxing in the living room

“Home Connect doesn’t make my day longer, but it leaves me more time for the important things in life.”

Home Connect – stories that connect

Home Connect – stories that connect

“You can only fulfill your ambitions if you delegate smartly.”

“You are never too old to learn something new.”

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