Woman in car looks out of the window and reflects on how Home Connect makes her life easier

“I use the virtual world to stay in closer touch with my friends in the real world.”

The digital world is full of surprises. I grew up with it and I’m always keen on finding new trends. In my living community together with my best friend Sarah we're always up-to-date. Thanks to my Mum we even have a Home Connect oven which has really impressed my friends quite a few times already.

Two friends sitting in the kitchen and baking. Everything is easier thanks to Home Connect.

“When technology meets tradition, something magical happens.”

When I was still living at home, my Mum and I used to bake nearly every weekend. It was our first shared hobby. That’s why she gifted me a Home Connect oven when I moved into my living community in Berlin. When she visits me, we go back to our old and beloved tradition and bake together. Thanks to the Home Connect oven we do it even more professionally now. And with the help of Amazon Alexa I impress Mum by controlling the oven free-handed.

Woman relaxes on the couch with a cup of coffee

“My boyfriend’s cappuccino is really something.”

You want to know the main reason why I stay overnight at my boyfriend’s place so often? He has a Home Connect coffee machine. And it’s amazing what it can do: when we wake up we send our coffee order to the coffee machine via the Home Connect app. It knows how we like our coffee and makes, in my opinion, the best coffee in town. Which is brought to me in bed, by the best boyfriend in town.

Friends sitting at the dining table enjoying a glass of wine together. No problem, thanks to Home Connect.

“The perfect dinner with friends: no problem for me.”

It was my boyfriend who introduced me to the dining group: we meet once a week at the home of one group member to have a meal together. At the end of the evening we rate the experience. Once everyone had a turn, we crown a winner. The prize is an invitation from the others to a meal in a premium restaurant. Since I have joined, I won twice. Even if my friends are convinced I’m cheating because I have a Home Connect oven. It makes sure that everything is cooked perfectly. And I usually seek my inspiration from the recipes in the Home Connect app. The app always has a lot of new and inspiring recipes that do not only work out well, but are also really tasty.

Home Connect robot vacuum cleaner in action

“My living community life could be so easy.”

If you’ve ever shared a flat, you are familiar with the endless discussions about whose turn it is to do the cleaning. It’s the same in my living community. For that reason alone, I’m going to treat myself to a Home Connect vacuum cleaner one day. Not only does it automatically take care of the bothersome vacuum cleaning in general, but can also target and head to specific places in the flat to clean up certain spots.

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My main aim: when I finish my degree I’m going to move in with my boyfriend. And to make sure there's no disagreement we’ve already settled a couple of things: In our flat we’re going to have Home Connect appliances. That’s not only state of the art, but saves a lot of time and trouble.

Student lying in bed with her tablet trying out the Home Connect app

“The future is digital. So why not my home as well?”

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“My aspiration: Innovation and convenience.”

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