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As individual as you: own applications with IFTTT and Home Connect

Thanks to IFTTT (If This Then That), you can connect many of the services and devices that you use everyday – such as your appliances with Home Connect. These combinations or application scenarios, also known simply as “recipes”, are put together by a simple rule: if this, then that. “This” is a trigger and “That” an action that is triggered as a result. For example, when the washing machine has finished, I want my Philips Hue lighting to flash. With IFTTT and Home Connect, countless personal applications, matching exactly to your needs, can be configured.

There are already more than 400 options

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No limits to your creativity

The list of predefined “recipes” (automated rules or application scenarios) that you can configure with IFTTT already span over 400 application scenarios, and most of these "recipes" are created by other users. However, there are no limits to your creativity, so start creating your own "Recipes" ” and share them with other users. For your inspiration, we already have put together a few examples to illustrate how Home Connect and IFTTT work together and how you can handle your daily routines in a more fun, elegant and above all more effective way.

IFTTT and Home Connect: every automated rule a winner

A young woman is sitting at a laptop. The cup of coffee next to her is fresh out of a Home Connect coffee machine. Courtesy of an IFTTT recipe.

Reward yourself: have a coffee brewed automatically after you have worked on a number of emails

Do you increasingly find yourself ending up with work at home? Then reward yourself with Home Connect and IFTTT in a creative way! You can link IFTTT to your coffee machine with Home Connect and your email program, for example. Every time you have sent or replied to a specific number of emails, a cup of your favourite coffee is made automatically. This is the perfect reward for moving on with your work, and a great motivation to keep going.

A robot vacuum cleaner with Home Connect cleaning a lounge

Have the vacuuming done when you are out of the house

Even if vacuum cleaners with Home Connect are already very quiet-running, the noise of a robot vacuum cleaner can still be quite disturbing. IFTTT offers the right solution: connect IFTTT to your robot vacuum cleaner with Home Connect via your smartphone. Now, activate the following simple rule: as soon as you leave the house and your smartphone is no longer logged onto your home Wi-Fi, your vacuum cleaner starts to clean your apartment.

View from a Home Connect oven into a lounge

With music, everything tastes better

Is the sound of your kitchen timer getting boring? Why not have your favourite music played when dinner is ready? Simply configure the appropriate rule with IFTTT, your Home Connect oven and your music player (e.g. smartphone or Wi-Fi speaker), and you can play all the hot hits to accompany your dinner.

Wi-Fi-enabled washing machine with Home Connect

Not only your laundry will look great

You can set the Home Connect app to send a notification when your washing machine or dryer finished work. In addition, you can also choose a solution involving IFTTT and Philips Hue. For example get your Philips Hue lamp to flash as soon as the wasing machine or dryer is done. Impresse your family and friends with bright ideas like this.

View inside a connected refrigerator with Home Connect

For statistics enthusiasts: how often has the fridge door been opened?

Admittedly, this is one of the more frivolous "recipes" with which you can track your behaviour, or possibly a good way of keeping track on how well you are sticking to your diet. Connect your refrigerator with Home Connect to IFTTT and Google Docs to obtain track on how often each day, week, month or even year you have opened your refrigerator.

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There are already plenty of recipes created by other Home Connect users for you to use. Discover what is possible for your home appliances with Home Connect in conjunction with IFTTT.

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