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A network full of possibilities

Home Connect is much more than just managing your kitchen in a smart way. Home Connect gives you access to a unique network of partner services, unlocking a multitude of application fields. Such as a digital cooking instructor, voice control, automated ording services for consumables, smart home integration, energy management and many more. All this can be perfectly tailored to your needs. With Home Connect and the affiliated partner network, you can make your home as convenient, time-saving, efficient and above all as fun and inspiring as you like it to be.

Please note: some partner services may not be available in your country.

Home Connect Partners

Amazon Echo waiting for a Home Connect voice command

Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, tell Home Connect coffee machine to make a cappuccino.” Thanks to Home Connect, you can control your connected home appliances just with your voice, leaving your hands free to do something else at the same time. Or simply allowing you to lie on the sofa and to delegate the tasks.

Home Connect Partner IFTTT in conjunction with the Home Connect App


IFTTT (If This Then That) lets you integrate your Home Connect appliances seamlessly into your daily life. You can configure your own automated applications that are perfectly tailored to your needs: let the lights light up when your laundry is done, or have your favourite music played when your dishwasher has reached the end of its cycle. These are just two examples of an infinite variety of ideas that can be realised with IFTTT.

A tab is inserted in a Wi-Fi-enabled dishwasher with Home Connect

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

You are probably familiar with this: there are certain things that you simply don’t want to worry about. That is why your dishwasher with Home Connect does the thinking for you. The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, connected to your home appliances, makes sure that products, needed to run the appliance, are reordered promptly and conveniently. Also thanks to the integration to the Home Connect apprepeating orders of dishwasher tabs for connected dishwasher will be placed automatically if you wish.

A brightly lit modern house with a Bosch Smart Home security system.

Bosch Smart Home

Smart Home Solutions make your home more convenient and secure – with clever connected devices that handle an array of tasks in a fully automated way, manageable via app. Bosch Smart Home offers a wide range of intelligent systems and device solutions. This allows you to customize your home to suit your needs.

Home Connect Partner HelloFresh


Are you dreaming of being able to cook like a professional chef one day? With Hello Fresh and Home Connect it is possible to cook like one. HelloFresh is not only an inspiration for delicious recipes, they also deliver the right ingredients to your home. You can also send the appliance settings specified in thousands of recipes straight to your oven with Home Connect.

A young woman operating the Nest thermostat in conjunction with Home Connect


"Did I forget to turn off the oven?" When you link your Home Connect app to your Nest account, there and other worries are things of the past. You can also save energy because you can automatically switch home appliances, such as your refrigerator, into an energy-saving mode during a long period of absence.

A house with a solar energy system by the Home Connect Partner SMA


SMA Solar Technology AG is a world leader in flexible solutions for solar energy systems, in the field of energy management and storage systems. As owner of one of these systems, you can manage selected home appliances with Home Connect and Flex Start .function to make the best use of your solar energy.

Further Home Connect Partners


Learn from the professionals: myTaste and Home Connect are a easy way to rustle up recipes of the best chefs and from the best food blogs.


Recipes that come off well: Kochhaus gives you exciting recipes straight with the right ingredients as well as a easy to follow step-by-step guide. You can send the device settings specified in the recipe directly to your oven with Home Connect.

Simply Yummy

Simply Yummy offers an array of delicious, easy-to-make recipes for cakes, gateaux and biscuits with settings that can be sent straight to your oven with Home Connect.


Be inspired by great recipes: with the Drop app, the Drop kitchen scales and Home Connect you can achieve perfect cooking results step by step.


Small Bluetooth button, big effect: with Flic, you give the most important commands for your smart home with the push of a button – including management of your Home Connect appliance.

EVE Connect for Tesla

EVE Connect makes Home Connect even more mobile. Because you can control your home appliances from the vehicle dashboard of your Tesla.


The free Innit app makes it easy to cook delicious meals every day. Innit works seamlessly with Home Connect to cook food faster, provide helpful guidance throughout the cooking process, and ensure great results every time.


Full control and insight: navigate your home appliances with Home Connect using the Busch-free@home app.


Manage a variety of smart devices of different brands in your home. If you like, also your home appliances with Home Connect.


Modern kitchen design meets connected technology: the “tielsa connect” app lets you manage the tielsa kitchen concepts and you can access the integrated Home Connect functions.


The COVI smart lamp by Senic not only allows you to control the lamp, but also to define the mood in your home by voice control. Now you can sit back and relax.


Everything in sight with iHaus: control your smart home and always be able to operate your home appliances with the app.

Conrad Connect

With Conrad Connect, smart products of over 40 brands can be integrated intelligently. This includes appliances with Home Connect.


Homey combines all your wireless and smart home appliances at home into a single, easy-to-use and smart system.


digitalSTROM connects your entire smart home – including your home appliances with Home Connect.

Home Connect Partner Wash & Coffee

Wash & Coffee

Some shopping while your laundry is still in the laundromat: Home Connect lets you know how long your laundry still needs untill it is done.

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Telephonic support in Home Connect service center


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