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Mykie, the digital kitchen assistant, standing on a kitchen island with Home Connect appliances

Mykie: your kitchen assistant with voice recognition

With Mykie, Home Connect presents a concept that will not only make your daily chores easier, but also enrich it. Mykie stands for “My kitchen elf” – a personal assistant supporting you in your tasks and kitchen routine. Voice recognition allows you to operate Mykie through voice commands or alternatively via its touch display. Mykie answers questions, gives advice and provides support. It has, for example, instant insights about the food that is stored in the refrigerator, how much longer the roast should remain in the oven and even has the weather forecast for the weekend. The connected Mykie allows you to conveniently manage a whole range of home appliances. In addition, Mykie provides attractive services that allow you to organize your daily routine more efficiently or to interact with your friends and family. Mykie brings their users together virtually - joint cooking or the exchange of recipes gives you a new, exciting cooking experience. Get to know Mykie and learn about the vision Home Connect is pursuing with Mykie, the digital assistant for your kitchen.

Product illustration of the digital kitchen assistant Mykie for the connected kitchen with Home Connect
Mykie, der digitale Home Connect Assistend, unterstützt einen jungen Mann beim Kochen, der gerade Gemüse schneidet

Mykie can do more than just talk

Mykie interacts with a wide range of emotions and reactions via voice and head movements as well as gestures and light signals that vary according to the situation. Thanks to the integrated camera and real-time communication, people are able to share their cooking experience even when they are far away from each other.

With Mykie, daily routine becomes an adventure

Mykie means maximum flexibility and convenience for its users, because all kind of questions and requests that arise during kitchen chores can be clarified and fulfilled with Mykie’s help. There are new and astonishing ways to get your work done. And why shouldn’t it be fun, too? You can access voice-controlled music or other entertainment offers. And if you are looking for a competent and comprehensible cooking support then Mykie provided you guidance through step-by-step video sequences of selected recipes. Mykie adapts to your speed and reacts to your signals, so that you can leave your hands in the dough. Alternatively, complementary services, such as vast recipe collections or suggestions from online cook shows, can be obtained. Mykie can order groceries online and have them delivered home, in case any ingredients are missing. Finally, the recommended application settings from the recipe are sent by Mykie directly to the connected home appliances, for perfect result.

Mykie, the kitchen assistant from Home Connect, standing on a kitchen counter and waiting for a question or a voice command

Mykie manages Home Connect

Mykie is intended to allow users convenient access to all the benefits of the digital ecosystem of Home Connect. For instance, it enables you to use voice control to operate your connected kitchen – regardless of which brand you have. The next development steps of the personal assistant are now focusing on the further integration of attractive functions and services from partners. Here the focus is always on creating added value for the customer.

Experience Mykie in action

Mykie: a friend who takes care

Have a more light-hearted way, every day.

Find out in this video how Mykie can help you in organising your household.

Mykie with an intelligent Home Connect refrigerator

Mykie & Home Connect refrigerator

Let Mykie show you a picture of the food stock of your fridge so that you can easily tell, what is inside. In addition, Mykie provides you with inspirations based on the ingredients that you have at home. Or you can meet friends and family online using Mykie and cook together with "Virtual Social Cooking".

Mykie with a smart Home Connect extractor hood

Mykie & Home Connect hood

Your workplace in the kitchen is too dark? Ask Mykie to turn on the light of the hood. Or use the voice command to change the color of the light and thereby illuminate your mood at the same time.

Mykie with a WiFi-enabled Home Connect Oven

Mykie & Home Connect oven and hob

You need tips how to prepare a meal in the oven or on the hob? Ask Mykie. The hands still dirty from dough kneading, but you want to preheat the oven? Just tell Mykie to turn on the oven and it’s as good as done.

Mykie with a Home Connect washing machine

Mykie & Home Connect washing machine and dryer

Mykie helps you to organize your household. You meal might be roasting in the oven and you want to use the time to wash your cloth. Mykie will tell you when your washing machine has finished its cycle and the clothes are ready to be put in the dryer. Perhaps you’re not sure what programme to use for the washing and drying machine. Here too, Mykie provides help with the “Easy Start” function. This function is also available for dishwashers with Home Connect.

Voice assistant Mykie with an interlinked Home Connect dishwasher

Mykie & Home Connect dishwasher

Need some help from Mykie? Mykie keeps track on the number of dishwasher tabs available in the dishwasher and alters you through the Home Connect app when there are only a few ones left. And Mykie can do more for you: Mykie offers you to order new tabs online.

Digital voice assistant Mykie with a Home Connect coffee machine

Mykie & Home Connect coffee machine

What could be better than enjoying a good coffee after your meal? Simply ask Mykie to prepare an espresso just the way you like it best. And when you have visitors, why not offer them something very special from the “Coffee World” and let Mykie arrange their requests in a personal coffee playlist?

Frequently asked questions about Mykie

When will Mykie be available in retail outlets and how much will it cost?

As Mykie is currently still in the concept phase, we are not able to provide any information on pricing and availability at present.

Where can I find home appliances that will be able to use with Mykie in the future?

At present, home appliances with Home Connect are being offered by the brands Bosch and Siemens. Mykie itself is still a concept. Here you can access an overview of available Home Connect home appliances .

How is it ensured that Mykie is not hacked, and that someone can use the information to break into my house or take over the camera?

Data protection has top priority for all products with Home Connect. These aspects are therefore always taken very seriously and taken into account during the development process of Mykie.

Does Mykie hear everything I say?

Mykie will only listen to you after you have addressed it with his wake-up word "Hello Mykie" or "Mykie". The detection of this word is done offline, which means that no audio data is stored or streamed locally. Only if the wake-up signal has been recognized, your spoken word will be transferred to our secure Mykie Cloud.

When and where can I get to know Mykie?

Currently, Mykie can be tested in several Bosch and Siemens showrooms (see list below). Mykie will also be shown at various trade fairs, such as the IFA or Living Kitchen.

  • Denmark - Copenhagen / Ballerup - BSH Hvidervarer A/S, Telegrafvej 4, 2750 Ballerp

  • Poland - Warsaw - BSH Sprzet Gospodarstwa Domowego Sp.z.o.o, AI, Jerozolimskie 183, 02-222 Warschau
  • Nederlands - Amsterdam / Hoofddorp - BSH Huishoudapparaten B.V., Taurusavenue 36 - 1, 2132 LS Hoofddorp
  • Czech Republic - Prague - BSH domaci spotfeblice s.r.o., Radlicka 350 /107c, 158 00 Prag 5

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