Cooking & Baking with Home Connect

From hood to oven: be ready for a whole new cooking and baking experience with Home Connect. Let the multi-cuisine recipes from Home Connect inspire you. And don’t worry about the right settings; they are sent directly to your oven or hob, making your dish a guaranteed success. Experience how Home Connect can effectively assist you in the kitchen and make every dish you prepare lip-smacking! With numerous Home Connect partners you can also benefit from a wide range of services and ideas additional to the Home Connect native features.

Cooking & Baking – functions at a glance

Woman perched on a sofa adjusts the settings of extractor hood with Home Connect

Keep a clear view as you cook with Home Connect

Give yourself breathing room and easily adjust settings of your extractor hood with the Home Connect app. Have everything under control, be it the blower settings, responsiveness or time for which it runs.

Home Connect makes extractor hood shine and radiate light with color effects

Cook up the right mood with Home Connect

Create your personal well-being atmosphere: The Home Connect app allows you to select individualized lighting for your extractor hood. Simply choose any color and intensity that fits your mood. And if you want, you can also illuminate your dish washer in the same light.

Notifications screen in Home Connect App reminding you to change grease filter

The intelligent extractor hood

Time to change. The app reminds you when the grease or charcoal filter needs to be regenerated, cleaned or changed. It also gives you practical tips instructions for changing the filter.

Young woman, sitting on sofa, turns on the child safety lock for her Home Connect oven

Safe and sound: an oven that cares

Is the oven safe when kids are playing? No matter where in the house you are, you can turn on the child safety lock for your oven while sitting on your sofa.

A look at the collection of recipes in the Home Connect app on a tablet

Individual still varied: Inspirational collation of recipes

Extravagant and tasty: Discover recipes in the Home Connect app that include seasonal recipes, and the possibility to send settings directly to your oven or hob. Did you enjoy your Turkish baked veggies? You can bookmark recipes you’ve enjoyed under favourites and it'll never be hard to find them again.

Vegetables, herbs and olive oil for a delicious meal

Tips and tricks for the budding master-chef

Found a great recipe? Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and send the settings directly to your oven or hob for the most delicious result. Refine your dishes with fresh herbs and spices and discover numerous tips on herbs, spices and food in the Home Connect app.

Home Connect home appliances brands

A world of possibilities. Connected to your home.

Take the next step into the future: Discover how new connections redefine your daily life. With Siemens and Home Connect. Wi-Fi enabled Home Appliances can already be operated through the Home Connect App. But now this technology connects your appliances with different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Open up for an innovative lifestyle and let the future move into your home.

Smart Today. Smart Tomorrow.

Bosch is Europe's leading home appliance brand. Consumers worldwide associate the brand with efficient functionality, reliable quality and an internationally acclaimed design. The guiding principle of "Invented for life", all the more, finds its expression in the age of digital transformation. With Home Connect, Bosch connects all its home appliances across all product categories, enabling its consumers to live smart today and tomorrow.

The professional kitchen appliance for the smart private chef.

Now you can have control of your new Gaggenau appliances through your smart devices. When it comes to enjoying your kitchen, Home Connect adds an additional layer of convenience to the professional experience.

Does this interest you?

Amazon Echo Dot awaits a voice command for the Home Connect Oven


“Alexa, start Home Connect oven.”

Home Connect Partner IFTTT connected with the Home Connect app


Save time: With IFTTT your imaginations see no bounds. You can simply setup your own personal favorite application and personalized tasks according to yourneeds and your household.

Young woman in the car thinking about how easily managing home appliances with Home Connect at any time

"I use the virtual world to stay in closer touch with my friends in the real world."

Test the Home Connect app

Home Connect app download

Manage important functions of your home appliances with just one app, especially when not at home. Test the demo version of the app today without having a Home Connect appliance of your own, yet.

Discover Home Connect

Connected Household

Take control of your home appliances with Home Connect app. Not only when at home but also while traveling.


A systematic way to wash your dishes. Home Connect offers you a wide range of applications for brilliant results.

Washing & Drying

Clean affair: Start your washing machine en route, check the status without needing to leave couch, and much more.

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