1. General questions

When will I be able to buy appliances with Home Connect functionality from retailers?
Dishwashers, ovens, fridges, coffee machines, washing machines and dryers are currently available with Home Connect functionality by Bosch and Siemens. Further household appliances like hobs/cook tops and hoods will follow.

Will other brands supply household appliances with Home Connect functionality as well?
Initially, appliances by Bosch and Siemens will be available with Home Connect functionality and fully compatible with the system. Additional brands should follow. We are already in discussions with partners and manufacturers from other brands.

Can I equip my current appliances with Home Connect?
Upgrading or retrofitting applications is difficult for the following reasons: a solution installed at a later date is always suboptimal in comparison to a solution planned right from the start and is also comparatively expensive. In addition, household appliances are subject to special security precautions that must be observed and checked even when replacing electronic equipment on-site. We also advise against use of so-called smart plugs, controllable adapter plugs, because of the interruptions these can cause to the electricity supply.

Can other elements such as lighting or heating be incorporated in the Home Connect system?
This is not part of our plan so far as we are focusing solely on household appliances. However, we are always open to new things, meaning that our equipment and the whole Home Connect system can be integrated into other home automation systems.

When will completely connected kitchens be available (all product categories) on the market?
Connected appliances in all product categories are available from 2016 (washing machine, dryer, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee machine).

Which brands will be launching the first networked appliances on the market?
The first networked appliances will be offered by our major partners Bosch and Siemens.

Can the appliances be accessed from various devices at the same time?
Yes, a household appliance can be accessed from various mobile devices.

2. Questions on data protection and data security

Are there minimum requirements of my WLAN router?
The Home Connect system works with all standard WLAN routers available on the market provided they are not older than five years (estimated). For security reasons, WLAN networks must be encrypted (WPA or WPA2 encryption). If your WLAN network is not encrypted, you will not be able to register your appliance.

What about data protection and data security?
We use cutting-edge encryption technology and periodically ask independent experts to thoroughly test our system.

What characterises the special Home Connect security concept?
Our security concept consists of a range of measures: data exchange is based on the Home Connect protocol. Only essential data is saved anonymously on the Home Connect server. Communication is also only possible over encrypted networks; secure certificates, a firewall on the server and password protection for the Home Connect app ensure additional security.

Can I also prevent my appliance from sending any data?
Yes. You are free to decide for or against using additional functions that the networked appliances can offer you. The appliances will only send and receive data if you expressly want them to do so and you can control them accordingly.

How can I delete my Home Connect account?
Yes. You are free to decide for or against using additional functions that the networked appliances can offer you. The appliances will only send and receive data if you expressly want them to do so and you can control them accordingly.

3. Questions regarding connection/signal strength

Will there also be a LAN interface for the appliances?
No, a LAN connection is not planned because Home Connect uses WLAN for data exchange. It would be very complex to set up a LAN cable for every appliance. We decided to use WLAN technology because this is now available in almost every household.

Do I need any other equipment apart from my appliance with Home Connect functionality and the WLAN router?
No. The household appliances communicate with your smartphone or tablet via the WLAN router. No other equipment is necessary.

My household appliance has a low Wi-Fi signal because the distance to my WLAN Router is quite large. Does this mean I cannot use Home Connect?
There are various options available here. It is possible to extend the range of your network with a range extender. If the range extender is placed between the household appliance and router, wireless Internet reception should for instance extend to the basement without any problem.
A second option is to use a Power line adapter to extend the Internet to the household appliance. You can then log onto the Internet directly with your networked appliance and control it this way. Our customer service team would be happy to advise you in both cases and help you with any hardware you may need.

Can I connect my household appliances via WPS, although I am using a repeater as a signal amplification?
Yes, to some extent repeaters provide WPS pairing. Otherwise, it is possible to connect the household appliance manually (see also manual network pairing).

How do I know whether my network will extend to where my appliance is located?
There are apps such as Wi-Fi Analyser that you can use to check the reception where your appliance is. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to check the signal strength where your appliance is.

Which routers (WLAN & LTE) provide an especially high quality connection for household appliances with Home Connect?
In principle, all routers are suitable to connect household appliances with the app. Experience shows that, among other things, routers of the brands AVM (Fritz! Box), Deutsche Telekom (Speedport), as well as Apple (AirPort Express) provide a very good internet connection.

What are the Wi-Fi requirements?
Home Connect will normally work correctly with the standard wireless settings of most recent commercially available home routers without any need for adjustment. In some cases, certain settings might need to be changed manually. If necessary, please check to see that the following settings are correctly set in your router. To find out how to access the router configuration settings, please consult your router’s installation instructions.

Where necessary, for example with manual setup, the following tips and settings should be followed:

  • Your wireless network must be encrypted, preferably using WPA2 security or WPA as a minimum. Open networks are not suited to work with Home Connect .
  • Home Connect works over network modes IEEE 802.11 b, g and n. Please ensure your router is set accordingly. Home appliances are only compatible with the 2.4 GHz band. If you are connecting an appliance please set your network accordingly.
  • Home Connect does not work over Wi-Fi networks that require browser registration, i.e. a user name and password entered via a web browser.
  • You should have a stable wireless network with good reception and access to the internet.
  • Turn off MAC filtering in the router to prevent the MAC addresses of your household appliances and smart devices being recorded.
  • The use of proxies is not recommended.
  • Ports 443, 8080 and 123 must be open.
  • The multicast routing option must be enabled in the router to allow pairing with Home Connect devices.

4. Questions about hardware and software

What operating systems is Home Connect available for?
The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Will current partners Siemens/Bosch offer their own control device (tablet)?
No, this is not something that is planned because it means you will not incur extra charges in the form of an additional control device. Various makes of tablets and smartphones are available on the market, which is why we have designed our Home Connect solution to work with almost all standard models on the market.

What will this app cost and where can I download it?
The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Can I modify the profiles of other users?
Yes. Users with extended user rights are able to manage the profiles of other App users. For all commonly used appliances, you can modify the user rights of these users.

5. Questions on digital instructions

What are the advantages compared to a PDF document or instructions in paper form?
In contrast to a PDF document, the digital user manual in the app is optimised for mobile use. You can easily find individual points, jump through chapters and have the option to zoom in on images and text.

Are these digital instructions available as free downloads?
The digital instructions are part of the Home Connect app and can be accessed directly from your mobile end device.

Will I still receive paper instructions, too?
Paper instructions will still be included when your appliance is delivered.

Which platforms can I view digital instructions on?
As digital instructions are integrated into the app, it will run on the same platforms as the app itself: iOS or Android.

6. Questions on the world of recipes

Where do the recipes come from?
Experienced home appliance specialists have developed the recipes and adapted them for appliances with the Home Connect function, especially for the partners of Home Connect.

Can I specify that I am a vegetarian/vegan or that I am lactose-intolerant etc.?
You can filter the recipes according to specific criteria in the Home Connect app.

Are the recipes linked to my refrigerator?
In future, recipes will have access to your refrigerator. You will be able to create shopping lists and see what ingredients you are missing for a specific recipe.

Can I download new recipes?
Whenever there is a new recipe, it will automatically appear in the Home Connect app.

7. Questions on moving home appliances with Home Connect to another country

What Do I Need to Do About My Home Appliances with Home Connect in Case I Move to Another Country?

According to the Home Connect terms of use country settings are to be changed accordingly when moving. Just select the appropriate country in the settings section of the Home Connect App.

Please note that the usage of the Home Connect App in another country may be subject to other terms of use and other data privacy terms. If your new country cannot be found in the country list, any further usage of the Home Connect App is not supported by us and is prohibited according to our terms of use. Furthermore, we do not support using the Home Connect App in conjunction with a home appliance for which the use in the respective country is not allowed. Therefore, our terms of use do not allow such usage. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to use the home appliance in the new country please contact the manufacturer of your home appliance.

What Do I Need to Do About My Home Appliances with Home Connect in Case of Intercontinental Moving?

Please also see the notice on "Moving Home Appliances with Home Connect to Another Country". In case of intercontinental moving, your new country may not be listed in the Home Connect App. If so, please delete your installed Home Connect App. Download and install the Home Connect App of the App Store/Playstore of your new country instead. Reset your home appliances with Home Connect to their factory defaults, set up a new user account and register your home appliances in the app again.